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Is Iraq war the master stroke by Bush admin? October 24, 2008

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Everybody is hating the Iraq war and is killiing Bush administration about it’s decision to go to Iraq. We have heard numerous rationale for their going to war- there was WMD, then Al Qaeda, Saddam and yes Oil.

America invaded Iraq for oil but hey where is the oil? Why I am still paying over 3 bucks for a gallon of gas? Why can’t I pay 99 cents for gas now that we control Iraqi oil? Americans are mad that they have to pay top dollar for oil and yet americans are dying in Iraq. The populus does’t seem to understand when White House says Bush presidency will be treated well by History. History? The Present is not even treating Bush presidency with any respect, why worry about past laurels in the future?

There in lies the master stroke by Cheny and company. For that you need to think longer and deeper fella.

Here it goes. If you look at the world oil depletion report, then you can start comprehending the situation better.

The Iraq rationale is answerd by one question: How long until the world oil runs out?

BP’s respected “Statistical Review of World Energy” which the oil giant has been publishing annually for 57 years based on data gathered from governments ources, industry journals and indepedent estimates. BP published a chart by country-by-country breakdown. And here is how things look:

USA – by 2018

Russia – 2038

Canada – 2038

Nigeria – 2050

Qatar – 2070

Kazakhstan – 2080

Saudi Arabia – 2088

Iran – 2098

UAE – 2105

Venezuela – 2105

Iraq- 2208 and more

Kuwait – 2208

Comprehendo? America relies too much on Saudi oil for now but someone in the white house (I bet its Cheney) has figured that America has to find a new partner whom it can milk for oil even after Saudi wells go dry. And look at the table, which country will supply oil after 2088? Iraq. Coincidence? Yes I say so, if you believe in Sant Clause.

So, americans should be thanking Bush-Cheney for this just like they have beeb thanking Kissinger and company for Saudi deals. After all we need to secure oil supplies, don’t we?

I see the fog is getting cleared now. I wonder why in the hell white house is not being clear about this with American public. They would be grateful and thank Bush for  this.

Well, you see, a Superpower can’t really admit to such a thing in this world. You can’t tell the rest of the world that we are invading Iraq because we want to control the oil. There in lies the quagmire of Bush presidency.


Hillary not fit to be President March 31, 2008

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“I remember  landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base”.

Uhh.. look at me I am a fighter. I am tough. I have been to War Zone so I know how it is there. And hence I am best prepared to lead this country.

That is the bullshit from Hillary Clinton. 

You can hear her tell this lie and make up this bullshit on this video. :http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=T3depGF5E-0&feature=related 

You can also see what actually happened on her trip to Bosnia in 1996. She was greeted by a girl.

Are you surprised by this? I am not. Clintons (bill and hillary) have a habit of telling americans straight-faced lies. They have gotten away with it for so long that most of their supporters should feel completely stupid.

What is alarming is the finesse and ease with which she made up the story. It is as if she is living in her fantsay world or playing a lot of Call of Duty.

This is serious and dangerous characteristic for someone who one day can have the nuclear button. Imagine. You have the briefcase with nuclear button and you live in this fantsay world. Suddenly there is attach on China or India or Canada. You know why? Because President Clinton in her fantsay, thought of China, India or even Canada bankrupting USA by their trade policies. So boom. There goes the missile.

All Clinton supporters need to pay heed to this. The way she lies and then causally just says that “I made a mistake, that proves I am human”, does not deserve to be the president. This callousness is very very dangerous.

It reflects poorly on this nation as it suggests that Secret Service did not prepare properly or American military could not protect the First Lady. That is insulting to the military and should rightfully draw critisim from military complex.

This callousness, fatnasy-ridden behaviour and lack of honesty should not be rewarded with a nomination.

US wrong on Pakistan again March 4, 2008

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The US military has put forth a plan to train pakistani army new skills in counterinsurgency. The intent goes in sync with US’s outsourcing the war in afghanistan to Pakistan. 

The flip side to this plan is, the coy pakistanis are going to use the same skills for fighting with India in Kashmir region. They will continue to suck up billions of dollars of aid and free training till it suits their facade of war on terror. With no accountability burden on Pakistan to show results for all the investments till date, they are sitting very pretty. They (Pakistanis) will take all the free help they are getting.

India has to take cognizance of this development and take the issue with US administration. In the indian sub-continent, US keeps playing dual games by keeping very shirt-sighted goals in mind. On one hand it keeps feeding pakistan and on the other hand it hobnobs with India to counter China. US has to understand that every country has different priorities. Most trouble for India in recent years has been from Pakistan, with most recent has been the Kargil war.

US has to understand that its policies in the sub-continent can and does prove deadly sometimes for India and Pakistan. With more islamist-oriented government in Pakistan and Mushharraf’s days numbered; the strategy requires more careful consideration. The Pakistani nukes are still in vulnerables hands and those need to be taken care of.

Pakistan is the birthplace of terror. Pakistan is where the training camps are. Untill world gets this sorted out, I dont think, the war on terror can really be successfull.  

What are the fighter’s solutions? March 4, 2008

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So, Sen. Clinton is telling Ohio and Texas that she is a fighter and that she has solutions for america. That She would have a “time-out” on NAFTA with Canada and Mexico. That she would get up and take a call at 3am when the world leaders call because she knows world leaders.

Do we need another “fighter” in white house who may be has solutions for america (we will talk about that in a lil bit) but starts making rest of the world nervous about trade? After 8 years of disastrous foreign policy, does USA need another president who starts making rest of peaceful world uneasy by talking about stopping trade? Does Sen. Clinton understand that just because she wants a temporary time out on trade, rest of the world cant stop its trade cycles. And how does US industry work with a time out?

Can we create a automobile parts plant in Ohio which can shell out auto parts for 5 years and then has to be shut down? Do you think such a plant can start recuperating its investments in 5 years?

Exactly such short-sighted foreign and trade policies have undone USA in the past. Rest of the world will laugh at such trade policies, if not revolt.  The american president need to benot only leader of USA but also a leader of the free world. I just dont think such kind of policies or even thinking can qualify Sen. Clinton for being the leader of free world.

I dont think the free world really relishes her use of negative words such as “fighter”. After Iraq invasion, the world takes such mentions very nervously. When US leaders take such an aggressive postures even while campaigning, the world is still listening and taking notes. Moreover her demonstration of her mood swings and emotional instability during the debates would raise new concerns over her such behaviour during her presidency. What is she gets frustrated and irritated with something Iran does and starts war with Iran? Can we afford that?

With the rise of China, resurgence of Russia and bad foreign relations over Iraq, USA cant afford to further isolate itself on world stage. We need a leader who can take more pragmatic approach and start talking first before he / she starts firing.

Now to the Solutions that Sen. Clinton mentions. She has started mentioning Solutions for America after she lost 11 straight primaries. So, why this sudden eureka over solutions? Has she suddenly realised problems of Americans? And what solutions she is talking about? More or less same as Obama has been talking about and moreover in very generic terms. Most solutions seems short-term stop gaps. 90 day freeze for adjustable mortgages, 5 year time out over NAFTA and so on. What about illegal immigration? what about economy? what about Iran? where are the solutions? Where is the money coming from for her Universal health care? We are still waiting.

I believe america’s solutions are so grim that they are going to need creative and brave  ideas. It is also going  to need a strong will to forge alliances within congress, senate and across the industry to push these. Sen. Clinton’s polarizing persona and overly aggresive tones will prohibit her from doing so. 

So Ms. Fighter, how about