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US wrong on Pakistan again March 4, 2008

Posted by mindscout in India.
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The US military has put forth a plan to train pakistani army new skills in counterinsurgency. The intent goes in sync with US’s outsourcing the war in afghanistan to Pakistan. 

The flip side to this plan is, the coy pakistanis are going to use the same skills for fighting with India in Kashmir region. They will continue to suck up billions of dollars of aid and free training till it suits their facade of war on terror. With no accountability burden on Pakistan to show results for all the investments till date, they are sitting very pretty. They (Pakistanis) will take all the free help they are getting.

India has to take cognizance of this development and take the issue with US administration. In the indian sub-continent, US keeps playing dual games by keeping very shirt-sighted goals in mind. On one hand it keeps feeding pakistan and on the other hand it hobnobs with India to counter China. US has to understand that every country has different priorities. Most trouble for India in recent years has been from Pakistan, with most recent has been the Kargil war.

US has to understand that its policies in the sub-continent can and does prove deadly sometimes for India and Pakistan. With more islamist-oriented government in Pakistan and Mushharraf’s days numbered; the strategy requires more careful consideration. The Pakistani nukes are still in vulnerables hands and those need to be taken care of.

Pakistan is the birthplace of terror. Pakistan is where the training camps are. Untill world gets this sorted out, I dont think, the war on terror can really be successfull.