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Clinton begging for votes now? March 11, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Decision 2008.
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This Dem race is getting rubbish by the hour. Sen Clinton is getting so desperate that she has started begging for votes. This means that she has given up the fight. But her ego and hunger for power is such that she is stopping to a level which has transcended all barriers of decent campaigning. She is trailing in delegate count, has won only half of states than Obama, but is telling people that she will maek Obama VP if she is nominated. So, basically saying  that you dont have to vote for Obama now, but I will give you a chance to vote for him because he will be on my ticket. This is absurd. This smacks of arrogance and indecency. Obama has more delegates, has won more primaries so he should be asking Clinton that he will consider her as VP candidate, and should not be vice a versa.

What are Clintons upto here? Well, they are trying to see if they can sway those voters who like Obama but also has given to Clintons mis-represented notion of how he is not ready. So Clintons (Both Bill and Hillary) are telling voters that he is not ready but you like him. Well, we are here to give you a choice. Get Hillary nominated and she will make him VP on her ticket. That way you get a person you dont like but you think she is experienced alongwith a guy you like but you have been told that he does not have experience. Wow. This is audacity of stupidity.

Bill Clinton is conveniently forgetting that when he was elected, he did not have any national security and crisis management experience either. Boy, should he not feel so lucky now. Hillary has yet to spell out what her real experience has been.  Her tall claims of bringing peace to Northern Ireland blew up on her face t oday when actual people who brokeered the peace in Northern Ireland and won Nobel Peace Prize for it have called her bluff. They have clearly told the media that she did not play any role and she should be ashamed of making such tall claims. 

Some members of Clinton Adminsitration has come forward with their comemnts on how she did not play a huge role in any major negotiations as a first lady, other than to pay courtsey visits to the countries. Please somebody tell Hillary that this is not what we mean by national security experience.

May be George W Bush thought the same when he was campaiging and he won. Get up America. Wake up and Listen. Dont buy Hillary’s tall claims about anything. Do you want to elect a person who makes tall claims while campaigning and is so naive? Do you want someone who is destined to disappoint us or even embarras us. Do we have to go thru this again after 8 years of Bush-Cheney?

That will be sad. At least we deserve a leader who is honest with us. 

Sen Clinton should be ashamed of herself and so is Bill.  But that is not enough to expect from them. If they had any decency they wouldnt be stoppingto these levels.

Where is that decent guy when we need one? I am talking about our Climate Czar Al Gore.


Will US follow Russia ? March 4, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Decision 2008.
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Welcome Mr. President Medvedev!(Putin*)

Dmitry Medveded, a longtime protege of Putin and his hand-picked successor was elected President of Russia. He said he will work closely with Putin. Putin will likely become Prime Minister and will run a pseudo government. Medvedev is presumed to be a puppet or controlled President.

Is this where USA is headed? Will US elect Hillary Clinton as President and hope that Bill Clinton will be the behind the scenes guy running the amdinistration? Isnt that what we have now anyways with Cheney running all policies and Bush is being just an ornament?

Cant we have a straight forward government and a leader who can represent USA? Why do we need to hide behind the non-transparent jockeys and make a mockery of democratic institution?

If this is the case then I am for electing a beautiful front end face like Paris Hilton and let Bill Clinton run the country. Why old Hillary?

Enough of this bulllshit. Let us have a president who can lead this country in a transparent and straight-forward way. It might not be perfect but after 8 years of Bush and Cheney, I think we will be okay with a less than perfect presidency. So long as we dont invade another country, lose more sons of this country and solve the problems in the homeland creatively, then the President would have done the job.