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Why mobilizing army won’t help December 1, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.
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Both Pakistan and India plan to move thousands of troops on their borders after Mumbai attaciks.

Not sure how this can be a logical response to the aftermath of ghastly and brazen attacks on Mumbai.  I feel there is no need to spend thousands of crores of rupees per month on army buildup on the border. This war is not a conventional war by Pakistan or the Jihadi forces. This is like using a hammer to operate on a brain tumour. This is going to need precision and edge of scalpel.

Insteand of spending this money on army buildup, India should approach it as Israel does in Gaza or US special forces conduct ops in Afghanistan. Indian commando action in POK to take on Lashkar camps would be more logical and effective strategy.  Army can supplement or assist such commando action.

India need to be smart and strategic in thinking, action and approach. Instead of being emotional and wasting a lot of breath at various forums, India needs to calm down like a surgeon before a key operation. Do some premilimary checks, plan accordingly and then strike in succession on various front to do a shock and awe. They can certainly take some assistance from Israel to do this. I think after Nariman house attacks, Israel will take more proactive approach assist India.

India should capitalise on this opportunity. I dont bet this will happen. The weak leadership with mellow people like Chidambaram, Manmohan singh and Sonia will not be able to pull this off. We might need hawkish Advani here to lead the security first government in India.


India must stop playing Politics December 1, 2008

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After Mumbai attacks, as Taj gets to work or rebuilding and Mumbaiwallahs get back to their life politicians have started what they do the best- playing politics and blame games.

Heads have started rolling as Congress government is realising fallout from its incompetence and apathy. Maharashtra leadership has been fired and so is home minister. India summoned Pakistan high commissioner and “lodged protest”. Ya, like that is going to help.

More commissions and policies were announced to add to more beurocracies. But no one at the centre is accepting the blame. It is the policies and politics at the center that are responsible for these failures. State level officials are just the guineapigs.

These “softies” will again fall prey to same pattern of inaction that has plagued India in the past. This exact inaction has caused the brazen attacks as it has emboldened the terrorists.

Now Condi Rice will visit India and charm the Indians into not doing anything as it might hurt US interests in the region. I bet ManMohan singh and P. Chindabaram will strongly protest with her,she will calm them down and everything returns to normal. Zardari begs for more money, terrorists get to plan their next attack, and congress gets to poll planning. After all elections and begging for votes are more important than securing those who vote.

This is what should be sickening to voters. Voters must wake up to this reality which has no foreign hand but is inside India. Outside parties are only exploiting this to their advantage. That is smart of them and foolish of us.

Corporate India who has most to lose because of these attacks must not let the pressure die down. The politics can not secure us. Strong resolve, planning and preparedness will help us live in peace. Otherwise we would be like Israel , living in constant state of fear.

Shocking comment by politician November 29, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.
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“Such small incidents happen in big cities.”

This is what Maharshtra deputy CM and State home minister had to say after 195 people killed, more than 300 injured and a lot of property damaged.

Wow! I mean WOW!! Such an apathy and insensitive comment from a top administration official.

you can read it here. : http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/nov/29mumterror-maharashtra-deputy-cm-it-is-a-small-incident.htm

No wonder this is a small incident which must have bothered Mr. Patil’s routine for these days. No wonder this is a small incident for Mr. Patil as none of his kith or kin was a victim.  He is living his life with all security in a perimeter of Mumbai Police so he probably will never get exposed to such incidents.

Mr. Patil tell it to 2 year old jewish kid who lost his parents. Tell it was a small incident to families of Mr. Karkare, Mr. Salaskar, Mr. Unnikrishnan and scores of other victims.

This guy need to be fired on the spot by CM. This is an apathetic congress government both in the state and at the centre which does not even shed crocodile tears.

How long you are going to take this Mumbai? How long? How many people have to die for us to realise this need to be tackled on priority?

US must end its hypocrisy November 29, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.
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The offer of support has poured from US to india in the wake of Mumbai terror attacks. Bush called Manmohan Singh, sent FBI team and offered actual investigation help. That all sounds good.

Then as the evidence mounted that the militants had support from Lashkar e Tayaba base dout of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir with the assistance of ISI, US started fearing that India might take action in POK.

The latest opinion article in NYT (http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/mumbaiterrorstrike/Election_Story.aspx?ID=NEWEN20080074561&type=News) though acknowledges that the attack was masterminded by Lashkar, fears that India might take action. US authorities might actually pursuade India noto take action in POK and tackle it diplomatically as they had done in past. In the past India had always complied with this request but it has not solved anything. Mumbai attacks are evidence of that.

This time India should not fall prey to this armtwisting. Indian people are saying with one voice enough is enough and the leadership better take that seriously.

US hypocrisy on this should not be very surprising to anyone. US thinks they have right to attack Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 attacks but any other country (offcourse other than Isreal) should go begging to UN.

India is big enough country and should be able to defend itself from these militants. It should learn from Israel and attack POK to finish off Lashkar camps. This is the need of the  hour.

US should be told in firm language that India will do everything necessary to prevent next attacks. It is better to have one big war with Pakistan for once instead of bleeding like this every now and then. India can also retaliate with tactical strikes within POK instead of going conventional.

If US and UK are serious about fighting terrorism then they need to back their lip service by real actions. They should support India against pakistan to tackle this global terror. This time it was Mumbai but next time it could be Paris, London, New York.

This time 10 foreigners and 190 indians were killed. The manner in which these attacks were executed should create real terror in ordinary Mumbai lifestyle. We would have to think first before visiting Gateway of India, checking in Taj hotel or having  a drink at Leopold’s cafe.

It is a right of Indians to live safely even if they are poor. The indian leadership better make this a top priority otherwise get ready for a rebellion within the ranks.

World should pressure Pak to hand over Dawood November 29, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.
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Common sense is such an uncommon commodity, especially in Indian politics. With potential of terror in Mumbai being traced to Pakistan, pakis have expressed committment to assist in investigation. They had said they will do whatever necessary to help India.

It does not take much to help India. Pakistan should first deliver Dawood Ibrahim residing in Karachi. US, UK, Israel, India and rest of the world should force Pakistan to take this step to demonstrate their seriousness to assist the world in rooting out the terrorism. Pakistan is only paying lip service and is expecting to fool the world. US might have it’s own compulsion but India has to take care of its own foreign policy.

India even though a bigger country in all means than Pakistan behaves as it is the last child. Every now and then when there is a terrorist attack it goes to UN to complain against Pakistan. Bombay blasts, embassy attack in Afghanistan, Kandahar hijacking are all testimony to the soft approach by India.

It is time for India to take action and be fierce with Pakistan. If India was ruled by Iron Lady Indira Gandhi, POK would have been in ashes by now. Sonia is not Indira so young leaders need to emerge in India to take charge.

We should all demand that Pakistan deliver Dawood or till them no talks, no cricket, nothing nada.

Soft PM is not the need of the hour November 29, 2008

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Nearly all indians are livid at timid response by PM Manmahon Singh. As is he is already seen as a puppet PM controlled by UPA government, Sonia Gandhi and the confused congress party.

Refer: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/PMs_terror_stand_comes_back_to_haunt_him/articleshow/3771339.cms

He has started believeing in illusion of peace with pakistan. Pakis must be laughing at how gullible PM and his government is. Pakistani government does not control its own army and ISI. So any peace deal made with government of Pakistan is fruitless.

Indians should take cognizance of the reality and get smart. I guess that is too much to ask from these morons. But innocent indians die because of poort decisions or indecisions of people like Manmohan singh.

India need to get tough with Pakistan and if required with the world. Security should be the first priority of any government.

ISI, Pak Army involved? November 28, 2008

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One of the articles on Times of India, points fingers at ISI and Pak Army which is being seriously looked at by US and Isarel.


This seems very possible and logical. The militants could be a combination of ISI trained people. The lip service and window dressing by politicos not withstanding about the Indo-Pak piece, the real trouble is brewn by ISI and Pak Army. Pak government cant even control these agencies so the peace process have no meat to it.

Indian politicos should not be gullible to false hopes of an unreal peace on paper when the other paki elements are working towards fostering trouble.

Pakistan is broke and should not be given any money till something is done about it. World has to do a cost-benefit analysis on what to do with Pakistan ver soon.

Enough is enough November 28, 2008

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The latest attack in Mumbai is so brazen and audacious that it ought to open eyes of Indian authorities. This is an attack which will impact Indian image, business, investment, growth and sentiment. India has been very reactive and soft so far in tackling terrorism both within India and outside India. It was seen as sign of weakness by outsiders. Indians themselves are comfortable with inaction, indecisiveness and ignoring such acts.

Apart from loss of innocent lives, huge discomfort for the hostages and the damage this will bring to India’s progress, this shows utter failure of intelligence agencies. Indians are so busy fighthing internally that they have no bandwidth to take care of such threats. This has been history of this country with mughals and mongols and british conquering this country.

The current government owns the responsibility of this inaction and should be thrown out. Indian people has a chance in near future to replace these ununchs with more effective government with focus on tackling terrorism and protecting our nation. If we can not protect our own people and visitors, we can not aspire to be a good destination for business.

We all have to say enough is enough and this will not be tolerated. This does not mean that the poulance raises arms against muslims. This means that everyone plays a role, become vigilant, love your country and not be a traitor.

There are a lot of brave people in forces as demonstrated by martyrs from ATS and NSG, but these politicos are the huge problem. We as a junta ought to make them accountable.

Otherwise we do not deserve such a flaky democracy and we might be better off with a system such as in China. It is just not enough to be proud of our democracy which is failing at crucial parameters. May be we are not kind of people who function very well within a democracy but need a more controlled regime to drive progress. Iraq was progressive under Saddam, China seems to be progressing under the communists and Russia is doing better under a tough regime.

The onus is on people of India and they have to rise. It is they who need better and secure life with a strong economy then they can not be mere spectators to this.

Indians look upto America as a model for prosperity but they also ought to realise that America started prospering after years of struggle in Civil War.

This is a war waged by outsiders with faceless and ruthless terror. It has not be tackled as war. This required sense of urgency and wartime planning.

So, say, enough is enough and demand action. Do not give in to excuses by politicos.

ISI Chief in India November 28, 2008

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So, ISI chief has been summoned to India. Is this an opportunity for newly bold India to keep him hostage in India to get complete dossier on ISI activities?

Could be politically dangerous but desperate times need desperate solutions

Amatuerish response by Indians? November 28, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.

All western agencies including US, Israel and Scotland Yard are saying that the response by Indian’s lacked planning. The Indian response seemed amateurish to them and it just took very long, more than 48 hrs to clear these hotels.

Israelis are mad because of 5 jews ended up dead at Nariman house. Israelis had offered help to secure hostages but Indians denied it.

That is fine for any self-respecting country but the contiuing situation at Taj after 48 hrs does not do any justice to India’s image. Just like Commandoes blew up a portion of Nariman house, they ought to do same to Taj. Forget about saving the Taj, save the image of India. Get it under control.

It does not look good that a few terrorists however well trained are resisting this long to Indian Army, NSG combined attack.