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The Audacity of Stupidity March 26, 2009

Posted by mindscout in India, Rants/Opinions.
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On the heels of “sensational” pieces in The New York Times about how US and some Pakistani officials have admitted of what half of the world’s sane people already knew, about ISI support to Taliban, suddenly it has created more fodder for publishing industry. Afterall, they have to do anything to sell the newspapers.

NYtimes coverage: Taliban gets Pakistan help, http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/26/world/asia/26tribal.html?scp=3&sq=pakistan&st=cse

ToI coverage: Pakistan set to reap $35 billion windfall from terrorism , http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Pakistan-set-to-reap–35-billion-windfall-from-terrorism/articleshow/4318277.cms

Even though US officially acknoledges that pakistan military and ISI is involved in materially supporting Taliban and other Taliban influenced outfits such as LeT which was responsible for Mumbai 26/11 attacks, it is still showering Pakistan with 35billion dollar aid. It is Billions, my friend. The rationale given is the same old world wisodm. Without this money Pakistan will simply disintegrate creating more chaos. Oh really?

Most of these billions that US has been pouring in Pakistan is helping the Taliban which in turn are killing americans and afghans in Afghanistan. How does this aid help? None of this money will be spent on welfare of Pakistani masses. US is expert in throwing money to solve problems it can’t comprehend. Obama administration’s naivette is getting so obvious now that Iran and North Korea must be jumping in their seats giggling like girls.

Pakistan emerges in all of this as the smartest party. They get to do what they want, which is sponsor terrorism, while getting truckloads of free money which they dont have to be accountable for. And instead of world getting united to tackle a failing, bankrupt country size of Texas, world is bucking down at the knees, offering money to Pakistani lords to show some mercy.

Obama administration has asked India to withdraw forces from LOC. That is as laughable as asking US to withdraw border security forces from US-Mexico border (if there are any to bein with). The infiltration from Pakistani side into India is a real world scenario and have never subsided.  The terrorist activities in India have taken a turn for the worse as Mumbai 26/11 is any indication. There is a US report that said even IPL events could have been targets of terrorism.  It seems stupid in such a case  to ask India to withdraw troops from LOC so that Pakistan can better fight Afghhan war.

Mr. Obama, what the hell are you smoking now a days? Audacity of your stupidity is increasing every day you are in White House. You acknowledge the support of ISI to taliban, then you give them money and then you really expect them to kill Taliban militants? Have you even heard of  The SWAT Valley accord reached very recently between Pakistan and Taliban? Pakistan paid millions of dollars to Taliban to not to carry out the violent acitivities in SWAT valley and beyond. Where do you think the money came from if Pakistan is a banktrupt state? Go figure.

Afghanistan is another Iraq in making for US. Pakistan is playing a very shrewd game here.

In such a case what is India supposed to do? India doesnt have stomach to take any militray action against Pakistan. It cant and doesnt want to even launch any surgical strikes. One option is to involve China. Yes China is more powerful in sub-continent that USA or Russia. China and Pakistan are buddies. China needs India to lay off Tibet. India should do a deal with China to buy piece from Pakistan side in return for silence on Tibet. Only China can control Pakistan.

Only if our enunch leaders had the mind and intelligence to think this. I guess the audacity of stupidity is not just for Mr. Obama after all.  Manmohan, Sonia and PC must have dreank the same serem.

Oh well.

Nobody can help this world.