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The Audacity of Stupidity March 26, 2009

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On the heels of “sensational” pieces in The New York Times about how US and some Pakistani officials have admitted of what half of the world’s sane people already knew, about ISI support to Taliban, suddenly it has created more fodder for publishing industry. Afterall, they have to do anything to sell the newspapers.

NYtimes coverage: Taliban gets Pakistan help, http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/26/world/asia/26tribal.html?scp=3&sq=pakistan&st=cse

ToI coverage: Pakistan set to reap $35 billion windfall from terrorism , http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Pakistan-set-to-reap–35-billion-windfall-from-terrorism/articleshow/4318277.cms

Even though US officially acknoledges that pakistan military and ISI is involved in materially supporting Taliban and other Taliban influenced outfits such as LeT which was responsible for Mumbai 26/11 attacks, it is still showering Pakistan with 35billion dollar aid. It is Billions, my friend. The rationale given is the same old world wisodm. Without this money Pakistan will simply disintegrate creating more chaos. Oh really?

Most of these billions that US has been pouring in Pakistan is helping the Taliban which in turn are killing americans and afghans in Afghanistan. How does this aid help? None of this money will be spent on welfare of Pakistani masses. US is expert in throwing money to solve problems it can’t comprehend. Obama administration’s naivette is getting so obvious now that Iran and North Korea must be jumping in their seats giggling like girls.

Pakistan emerges in all of this as the smartest party. They get to do what they want, which is sponsor terrorism, while getting truckloads of free money which they dont have to be accountable for. And instead of world getting united to tackle a failing, bankrupt country size of Texas, world is bucking down at the knees, offering money to Pakistani lords to show some mercy.

Obama administration has asked India to withdraw forces from LOC. That is as laughable as asking US to withdraw border security forces from US-Mexico border (if there are any to bein with). The infiltration from Pakistani side into India is a real world scenario and have never subsided.  The terrorist activities in India have taken a turn for the worse as Mumbai 26/11 is any indication. There is a US report that said even IPL events could have been targets of terrorism.  It seems stupid in such a case  to ask India to withdraw troops from LOC so that Pakistan can better fight Afghhan war.

Mr. Obama, what the hell are you smoking now a days? Audacity of your stupidity is increasing every day you are in White House. You acknowledge the support of ISI to taliban, then you give them money and then you really expect them to kill Taliban militants? Have you even heard of  The SWAT Valley accord reached very recently between Pakistan and Taliban? Pakistan paid millions of dollars to Taliban to not to carry out the violent acitivities in SWAT valley and beyond. Where do you think the money came from if Pakistan is a banktrupt state? Go figure.

Afghanistan is another Iraq in making for US. Pakistan is playing a very shrewd game here.

In such a case what is India supposed to do? India doesnt have stomach to take any militray action against Pakistan. It cant and doesnt want to even launch any surgical strikes. One option is to involve China. Yes China is more powerful in sub-continent that USA or Russia. China and Pakistan are buddies. China needs India to lay off Tibet. India should do a deal with China to buy piece from Pakistan side in return for silence on Tibet. Only China can control Pakistan.

Only if our enunch leaders had the mind and intelligence to think this. I guess the audacity of stupidity is not just for Mr. Obama after all.  Manmohan, Sonia and PC must have dreank the same serem.

Oh well.

Nobody can help this world.


Does arresting Lashkar chief matter? December 5, 2008

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There are reports that under US pressure on Pakistan to do “something” to pacify India, Lashkar chief might be arrested in Pakistan.  (http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/mumbaiterrorstrike/Story.aspx?ID=NEWEN20080075285&type=News). 

Question is how does it matter? If the gatekeeper (read Paki authorities, ISI and Army) is involved hand in glove with the person behind bars, then how does it matter? It is not as if the Lashkar chief is personally coming next time to india to become a martyr. All he needs is his satellite phone to commandeer his troops and he would be doing from inside the jail.

That is not justice. That is called whitewash. US basically to serve its own interests in the region will play politics again and stupid Indian politicians will fall for it. Leaving Indian junta with yet another terrorist attack gone un answered.

I dont understand why Indian security authorities who failed to protect its civilians are not tightning their belt even now. Stop gathering evidence, stop talking to that terrorist you caught and start mobilising for action. Haven’t they got enough info by now from him to start planning?

Why can’t ManMohan singh and Pranab Mukherjee bring up the issue of US action post 9/11? Why does the same logic and rationale hold true for India or any other country? Why India has to wait till pakistan takes action or UN takes action? Did US do it before sending troops in Afghanistan? Just because Afghanistan does not have nukes, does it not make it a country?

The answer my friends is that Indian leadership is timid and apathetic. They are not sincere in taking a tough decision and attacking paki camps. They would rather beg than work. They have been so accustomed to free lunch in these many years that mere thought of taking their butt off a plush seat gives them cramps.

We as Indians can not expect to be led and served and protected by such imbecile leaders. It is time that all educated and smart people come together and take charge of our country.

People like Tatas, Birlas and all capitalists in India have a lot to loose from such a situation. If overseas investors think India is a risky place then no body would want to invest in India. No body would think safe to travel to India for business. Who does it hurt? It hurts everyone but these politicians.

So, we dont care if Pakistan arrests Lashkar chief or not. We dont care if Pakistan sends ISI chief to India or not. India should start attacking Pakistani regions or convince US to attack paki camps by their drones.

Local support to Terrorists November 27, 2008

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The well planned and coordinated attack in Mumbai really smells of a a good support they must have received by locals in Mumbai. Authorities and analysts are saying that such a well-rehearsed operation is impossible without a good intel and help from locals.

There in lies the problem in India. There are so many disappointed and frustrated poort people in India that it is easy to influence them to carry out any operation. There are many muslim areas in Mumbai with small alleys which house potential sympethisers of opressed muslims.

These locals who are supporting the radicals are traitors and should be held responsible for innocent lives. These same people will pay lip service to authorities of condeming the fundamentalist islam but will support them when needed.

This is potentially dangerous situation as fundamentalist hindusim is also in rise as demonstrated by Malegon blasts. If hindus start thinking that government is not doing enough then they will start taking charge which potentially can inflame situation further.

India has a real problem at hand and I dont think the current politicians are upto this challenge.

Kashmir: Should India do a Russia? August 26, 2008

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The long put-on-slow-burner Kashmir issue is put on a higher flame now as violence and protests have errupted in this disputed region. This time the young kashmiri blood has given a cry for freedom from India. 

It all started over a dispute for some piece of land which the politicians exploited. The youth of kashmir, mainly without any significant employment got entangled in this and soon took to streets.

India thinks this happening on the eve of Musharraf’s resignation might not be mere coincidence with Musharraf allies in ISI stoking this fire to send home a message for Mush’s importance to Pakistan.

Indian security forces have put much of Kashmiri Hurriyat leadership in jail as the tension keep up the pace. This might not last long as history has shown.

India should share some blame over this event. The political turmoil in Pakistan and India’s dependence on Pakistan to solve Kashmir issue created some vaccumm in Kashmir. India should have taken advantage of situation in Pakistan to gain more control in Kashmir by being tough and sqaushing any unrest. Pakistanis were too busy sorting out their internal bickerings and getting Mush fired.

India should take a leaf out of Russian playbook here and act tough with Kashmiris. The indepdence of Kashmir is never going to happen and India should never allow it. Hell, Indepedent Kashmir is not good for kashmiris themselves as they would not be able to govern their country without any infrastucture, industry or economy. Pakistan, China and India would still be fighting by making a pawn of Kashmir thus adding to agony of Kashmiri Junta.

As Russia has shown by acting tough against Georgia, the international sentiment is often short-lived. Countries do need to take tough stances for their own interests. As it is US is too busy with its own problems in Iraq, Afganistan and Iran.

India is close to sealing  the Nuclear deal with US and US is none too happy with Pakistan with their lack of cooperation for fighting Taliban. Should India decide to act tough in Kashmir , it is very much palletable action which could be justified with US.

But when there is a incompetent cook in the kitchen then how can you blame the curry? Indian leaders have never shown they have guts to defend their own territory or airplanes (Did you forget the Afgan kidnapping?).

US wrong on Pakistan again March 4, 2008

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The US military has put forth a plan to train pakistani army new skills in counterinsurgency. The intent goes in sync with US’s outsourcing the war in afghanistan to Pakistan. 

The flip side to this plan is, the coy pakistanis are going to use the same skills for fighting with India in Kashmir region. They will continue to suck up billions of dollars of aid and free training till it suits their facade of war on terror. With no accountability burden on Pakistan to show results for all the investments till date, they are sitting very pretty. They (Pakistanis) will take all the free help they are getting.

India has to take cognizance of this development and take the issue with US administration. In the indian sub-continent, US keeps playing dual games by keeping very shirt-sighted goals in mind. On one hand it keeps feeding pakistan and on the other hand it hobnobs with India to counter China. US has to understand that every country has different priorities. Most trouble for India in recent years has been from Pakistan, with most recent has been the Kargil war.

US has to understand that its policies in the sub-continent can and does prove deadly sometimes for India and Pakistan. With more islamist-oriented government in Pakistan and Mushharraf’s days numbered; the strategy requires more careful consideration. The Pakistani nukes are still in vulnerables hands and those need to be taken care of.

Pakistan is the birthplace of terror. Pakistan is where the training camps are. Untill world gets this sorted out, I dont think, the war on terror can really be successfull.