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India- a failed state? December 8, 2008

Posted by mindscout in 1.

There is an excellent article on current state of India by Rajeev Srinivasan on rediff.


I found it very realstic and I kind of agree with Rajeev’s point of view. The question is not whether India will fail or not. The point is not that it is ruled by imbecile indian leaders. The question and call to action is “what the fuck are we going to do about it?”. That is the trillion dollar question.

got any ideas? Then open your mouth, mind whatever..



1. friedyakov - December 10, 2008

I agree with your assessment of the current situation in the country. Indians have not learned and the present political masters with their sick minds won’t allow the hapless, illiterate masses to learn either, the lessons of history, in order to continue with the present anarchial political system. The enslavement of India, as we know it, started when the intrigues of the Rajput chieftains of Rajasthan and Delhi governed by petty self-interest, led to infighting and treachery, and consequent defeat of the last great indigenous ruler of Northern India, and brought about more than a thousand years of slavery and untold hardships, torture and death for the masses. And those lessons have not been learnt yet. As shown in the recent state elections, the people of Delhi and Rajasthan, rejected the fight against terror, perhaps viewing the Mumbai incident as that happening in another galaxy, and chose to give priority perhaps to self interests in the form of local development and other issues, if the Congress is to be believed, rather than the fight against terror. So, the party, which avowedly goes soft on terror for obvious reasons, retains the winners crown. And the development they talk about- what is that- maybe a few roads or water supply systems built with Central assistance (as the same party rule from the Centre too). Mind you, India was a rich state when the the invaders crossed the Khyber pass to feed and breed on its wealth. What the masses do not understand is that whatever wealth you earn is of no use if you do not have the means to secure it. It is better to have no wealth rather than having wealth without security, as you are likely to loose your life along with your wealth in the second instance. And for all the eye wash we see being done in Pakistan, we know what it is – mere eye wash. To people who talk about our western neighbour being defeated in the last four wars we fought with it, I have one question- do you know how many times Prithviraj Chauhan defeated that scourge Mohammed Ghauri? And we still follow the sam emistakes of the Rajput chieftain who never chased Ghauri beyond the borders of his own realm. And when he fell one last time which was contributed to by the compilicity of another fellow Rajput ruler, Prithviraj was neither spared his wealth or realm (unlike the great Alexander and Porus), nor his sight and later his life. And he lost only once out of 20 times!!!!. Had Prithiviraj chased Ghauri, the scourge of the devil, beyond the Khyber pass, laid waste to the lands of the invader, killed him and his men and consorts in battle, and ripped him off whatever he had, the Rajput ruler would not have to see 19 more attacks and pain and torture at the end of the day. had he been more proactive, he would have saved India the dilema it faces today. Modern India has made, and continues to make the same mistakes. Inspite of defeating Pakistan hands down four times, neither has the Kashmir issue been solved one and for all, nor was the Indus water issue. And what did we get for letting Pakistan off so lightly in 1971- a legacy of terror which started with the trumped up ‘Kashmir cause’ and now an all involving terror by the Mujhaideen. Unless the indigenous realise this, and act decisively against this, all we can do is to wring our hands in despair, and watch a beautiful country and its people go waste. Inaction by the Indian people on the issue of terror is going to sound the death knell of the Indian polity as we know it.

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