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Does arresting Lashkar chief matter? December 5, 2008

Posted by mindscout in India, Terror in Mumbai.

There are reports that under US pressure on Pakistan to do “something” to pacify India, Lashkar chief might be arrested in Pakistan.  (http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/mumbaiterrorstrike/Story.aspx?ID=NEWEN20080075285&type=News). 

Question is how does it matter? If the gatekeeper (read Paki authorities, ISI and Army) is involved hand in glove with the person behind bars, then how does it matter? It is not as if the Lashkar chief is personally coming next time to india to become a martyr. All he needs is his satellite phone to commandeer his troops and he would be doing from inside the jail.

That is not justice. That is called whitewash. US basically to serve its own interests in the region will play politics again and stupid Indian politicians will fall for it. Leaving Indian junta with yet another terrorist attack gone un answered.

I dont understand why Indian security authorities who failed to protect its civilians are not tightning their belt even now. Stop gathering evidence, stop talking to that terrorist you caught and start mobilising for action. Haven’t they got enough info by now from him to start planning?

Why can’t ManMohan singh and Pranab Mukherjee bring up the issue of US action post 9/11? Why does the same logic and rationale hold true for India or any other country? Why India has to wait till pakistan takes action or UN takes action? Did US do it before sending troops in Afghanistan? Just because Afghanistan does not have nukes, does it not make it a country?

The answer my friends is that Indian leadership is timid and apathetic. They are not sincere in taking a tough decision and attacking paki camps. They would rather beg than work. They have been so accustomed to free lunch in these many years that mere thought of taking their butt off a plush seat gives them cramps.

We as Indians can not expect to be led and served and protected by such imbecile leaders. It is time that all educated and smart people come together and take charge of our country.

People like Tatas, Birlas and all capitalists in India have a lot to loose from such a situation. If overseas investors think India is a risky place then no body would want to invest in India. No body would think safe to travel to India for business. Who does it hurt? It hurts everyone but these politicians.

So, we dont care if Pakistan arrests Lashkar chief or not. We dont care if Pakistan sends ISI chief to India or not. India should start attacking Pakistani regions or convince US to attack paki camps by their drones.



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