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Mr. Bush, will you please lead our country? December 4, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.


Pranab Mukherji: India wanted to see that “the terrorists and organisations who perpetrated these attacks are arrested and brought to justice”.

What is he talking about? You want to go in pakistan and arrest these Lashkar people? 100, 100s? How many are you going to arrest Pranab? Are you going to Pak or POK in trucks to bring these people back to India?

And even if you do it, then what? They sit in our jails wasting the taxpayer money which is in short supply waiting and plotting more kills from inside our jails? Then may be after 12 years you hang them?

Are you kidding me Mr. Minister? Please step back a bit, think a sec and then talk. Such talks enrage indians more, you know.

We want you to order commanod raids and kill these people. That will be the justice. Please dont waste our taxpayer money to pay for captive life of these attackers. Instead use that money to pay our soldiers or their bulletproof vastes.

This is why we need young blood in politics who does not take bullshit and does not give bullshit. We just take rationale action when and where it is needed. India needs a BUSH right now to deal with Pakistan.

Mr. Bush, now that you dont have a job, will you please lead our country? Bring that chaney guy along with you. We hear he is a real cowboy. We need him to bring down Paki camps. You know this might also help redeem you guys. You could not get bin laden but you could show some success in defeating terrorism if you get control over Lashkar, POK or Pakistan.

What say u?



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