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Zardari at it again December 2, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.

Pakistan PM Zardari, husband of Benazir Bhutto , has given an interview on Larry King Live of CNN. here is brief of that: http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/12/02/pakistan.zardari.lkl/index.html

First of I find Larry very boring and stupid the way he conducts these interviews. May be he is getting older or I am getting sick of him.

Second of all, if after Mumbai terror attacks, he wanted to interview someone, how about someone from India, who actually suffered. Why would interview a perpetrator of crime before you interview a victim? Get my point? Do not watch Larry.

Third, Mr Zardari appears to be in denial and playing the familiar games Pakistanis have already played. Show me this evidence and show me that evidence. Is pakistan the UN Court that we need to show evidence. I dont understand why these imbecile indians even send a list of 20 terrorists to be handed over to India by Pakistan? Why do we always beg?

Screw it. Tough it out and say okay you did what you wanted to do, now we are going to act. Who cares Pakistan is responsible for this attack or not? The onus of showing that they are not involved should be on Pakistan and not on India who should go about gathering evidence.

India should ask Paki PM where the hell was he when for more than 60 hrs there was carnage in Mumbai. Can’t he see the evidence? He probably already knows it and has been briefed by Paki army or ISI. Chance is that he knew before it happened while he  drank some vodka with Dawood. What bull man.

India is busy grieving for sould we lost and clearing up Taj. We are busy rebuilding Taj and oberoi as we have to take care of our economy. We should be busy internalising this situation, planning our response and getting our act together. Forget Pakistan.

But dont bet that India will do this. And blame my county’s leadership or lack of there for that.

Mr. Zardari, we don’t want to be your friends. We have fallen prey to this drama for so long and have suffered through it. You are a friend who talks about something and in the background does something to harm us. You are a country of cowards and jealous people who can not digest progress of India. You probably repent and curse Jinnah as to why he forced British crown to seperate India and Pakistan. You have failed to govern your country but instead of acknowledging that you would rather throw mudd at India.

We promise we will teach you a lesson that you will not forget. And Larry. Do us a favour. When that happens make sure you remember 26/11 and interview Indians first. I know you won’t because you will forget 26/11 and then do an interview with a Paki sympathiser.



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