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Rediff article by M.J. Akbar supports my point December 2, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.

On his latest article posted on Rediff.com, Renowned journalist and editor M.J. Akbar makes a lot of sensical points already written on this blog.


My views are more hawkish and “action now” oriented. He is right on so many fronts about our politicians, pakistaan, US, UK and Indian muslims. Being an Indian muslim, he makes very good points abot decoupling Pakistan issue with Indian Muslims.

Pakistan has been taking Indian politicians for a ride for long. I do not know what it is but these Indian politicans have been soft on a country which is smaller than India, has a much smaller Army than India, has no money. Yet for every attack in India, Indians have been begging for some support from Pakistan. Pakistan is like a younger brother in a family which teases his older sibling by some naughtyness and then when the older sibling complains about him in front of parents, the younger one first says I did not do anything or show me evidence. This attitude sickens me. I am not saying India and Pakistan are like brother or of the same family. No way.

Why should India put up with Pakistani games or show evidence. The terrorist in captivity is from Pakistan and he himself have told us. That is the evidence.

This is not the time to talk to pakistan, show evidence and get in this game. Now is the time to take action. We realise that current Indian government is too timid and gutless to do any of this. And it will be removed soon.

We just have to make sure that anyone who comes to power has natioans safety as top priority and have guts to take severe action against Pakistan. Entire nation will be behind such a leadership.

We want to show such a lesson to Pakistan that it will cease to breathe. Even US will congratulate India on a job well done.

For that we would need real men without any politics in key positions in government, IB, RAW, Navy, Army etc. No polictics just one aim- Revenge. Make India safer to live.

For this we need people like Azad, Bhagat Singh and Rajguru. Where are they when we need them?



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