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Why mobilizing army won’t help December 1, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.

Both Pakistan and India plan to move thousands of troops on their borders after Mumbai attaciks.

Not sure how this can be a logical response to the aftermath of ghastly and brazen attacks on Mumbai.  I feel there is no need to spend thousands of crores of rupees per month on army buildup on the border. This war is not a conventional war by Pakistan or the Jihadi forces. This is like using a hammer to operate on a brain tumour. This is going to need precision and edge of scalpel.

Insteand of spending this money on army buildup, India should approach it as Israel does in Gaza or US special forces conduct ops in Afghanistan. Indian commando action in POK to take on Lashkar camps would be more logical and effective strategy.  Army can supplement or assist such commando action.

India need to be smart and strategic in thinking, action and approach. Instead of being emotional and wasting a lot of breath at various forums, India needs to calm down like a surgeon before a key operation. Do some premilimary checks, plan accordingly and then strike in succession on various front to do a shock and awe. They can certainly take some assistance from Israel to do this. I think after Nariman house attacks, Israel will take more proactive approach assist India.

India should capitalise on this opportunity. I dont bet this will happen. The weak leadership with mellow people like Chidambaram, Manmohan singh and Sonia will not be able to pull this off. We might need hawkish Advani here to lead the security first government in India.



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