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Indians stills playing Politics December 21, 2008

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I can’t believe that the Congress government at the Center is still playing politics with Mumbai blast issue.


“But Azhar was not connected with the Mumbai attacks. So there is a question as to why India should be pushing for his deportation rather than Hafiz Saeed or Dawood Ibrahim. First, the government reckons that Azhar is not as big a fish as Dawood, so if the screws on Pakistan are tightened considerably, they might give him up. Second, this could start a precedent and send a powerful message within the Pakistani jihadi system.

But equally, the UPA government has its sights set firmly on domestic elections. If Pakistan can be persuaded to give up Azhar, it would be a huge score against the BJP, since it was the BJP that gave him up to Pakistan in 1999. “

Yes BJP government srewed up and gave away Masood Azhar. Congress government at that time would have done the same things. Afterall leaders of both parties are timid enunuchs. But now, instead of gettings serious about holding Pakistan responsible for Mumbai attacks, it is pathetic of Sonia-Manmohan-Pranab combine to try to score points for election against BJP. They want to say look BJP gives away a terrorist but we capture and try him. That would be good, no doubt. But also get Dawood or send in commandoes to get him.

Dont play politics and window dress Indian public again.


Note to myself December 8, 2008

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Time to add a podcast or vidcast?

what would you like? tell me.

India- a failed state? December 8, 2008

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There is an excellent article on current state of India by Rajeev Srinivasan on rediff.


I found it very realstic and I kind of agree with Rajeev’s point of view. The question is not whether India will fail or not. The point is not that it is ruled by imbecile indian leaders. The question and call to action is “what the fuck are we going to do about it?”. That is the trillion dollar question.

got any ideas? Then open your mouth, mind whatever..

Does arresting Lashkar chief matter? December 5, 2008

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There are reports that under US pressure on Pakistan to do “something” to pacify India, Lashkar chief might be arrested in Pakistan.  (http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/mumbaiterrorstrike/Story.aspx?ID=NEWEN20080075285&type=News). 

Question is how does it matter? If the gatekeeper (read Paki authorities, ISI and Army) is involved hand in glove with the person behind bars, then how does it matter? It is not as if the Lashkar chief is personally coming next time to india to become a martyr. All he needs is his satellite phone to commandeer his troops and he would be doing from inside the jail.

That is not justice. That is called whitewash. US basically to serve its own interests in the region will play politics again and stupid Indian politicians will fall for it. Leaving Indian junta with yet another terrorist attack gone un answered.

I dont understand why Indian security authorities who failed to protect its civilians are not tightning their belt even now. Stop gathering evidence, stop talking to that terrorist you caught and start mobilising for action. Haven’t they got enough info by now from him to start planning?

Why can’t ManMohan singh and Pranab Mukherjee bring up the issue of US action post 9/11? Why does the same logic and rationale hold true for India or any other country? Why India has to wait till pakistan takes action or UN takes action? Did US do it before sending troops in Afghanistan? Just because Afghanistan does not have nukes, does it not make it a country?

The answer my friends is that Indian leadership is timid and apathetic. They are not sincere in taking a tough decision and attacking paki camps. They would rather beg than work. They have been so accustomed to free lunch in these many years that mere thought of taking their butt off a plush seat gives them cramps.

We as Indians can not expect to be led and served and protected by such imbecile leaders. It is time that all educated and smart people come together and take charge of our country.

People like Tatas, Birlas and all capitalists in India have a lot to loose from such a situation. If overseas investors think India is a risky place then no body would want to invest in India. No body would think safe to travel to India for business. Who does it hurt? It hurts everyone but these politicians.

So, we dont care if Pakistan arrests Lashkar chief or not. We dont care if Pakistan sends ISI chief to India or not. India should start attacking Pakistani regions or convince US to attack paki camps by their drones.

Mr. Bush, will you please lead our country? December 4, 2008

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Pranab Mukherji: India wanted to see that “the terrorists and organisations who perpetrated these attacks are arrested and brought to justice”.

What is he talking about? You want to go in pakistan and arrest these Lashkar people? 100, 100s? How many are you going to arrest Pranab? Are you going to Pak or POK in trucks to bring these people back to India?

And even if you do it, then what? They sit in our jails wasting the taxpayer money which is in short supply waiting and plotting more kills from inside our jails? Then may be after 12 years you hang them?

Are you kidding me Mr. Minister? Please step back a bit, think a sec and then talk. Such talks enrage indians more, you know.

We want you to order commanod raids and kill these people. That will be the justice. Please dont waste our taxpayer money to pay for captive life of these attackers. Instead use that money to pay our soldiers or their bulletproof vastes.

This is why we need young blood in politics who does not take bullshit and does not give bullshit. We just take rationale action when and where it is needed. India needs a BUSH right now to deal with Pakistan.

Mr. Bush, now that you dont have a job, will you please lead our country? Bring that chaney guy along with you. We hear he is a real cowboy. We need him to bring down Paki camps. You know this might also help redeem you guys. You could not get bin laden but you could show some success in defeating terrorism if you get control over Lashkar, POK or Pakistan.

What say u?

Finally US showing some sense December 3, 2008

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Reference : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/US_sets_stage_for_strikes_if_Pak_does_not_act/articleshow/3789520.cms

Finally the western authorities are showing some sense. I still do not agree that India needs American approval to take punitive action or should wait for Pakistan to do something. We have waited all these years and Pakistan has never done anything. This waiting game has only used by Pakistanis to invest in these terrorism camps and prepare them properly to attack India. So, India should thank Rice and company for advice but take action as a soverign  nation has to. Just claimiing that right and complaninig to western countries is not going to help.

Indian people must put pressure on Indian government to take decisive action as soon as January. It should not take that long to draw up a incisive plan and strike POK camps.

Battlefield is Pakistan December 3, 2008

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I liked this logical and sensical article by Bharat verma who is Editor of Indian Defence Review.


I hope someone listens to this advice, atleast in India and take some action. Otherwise we will continue to bleed like this by inaction from the world.

I agree that this battle can be won and India has to do this. India depends on some diplomacy, coercion by US and other pacefists means. Those were Nehru “Panchsheel” principles but they have no place in today’s reality.

Zardari at it again December 2, 2008

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Pakistan PM Zardari, husband of Benazir Bhutto , has given an interview on Larry King Live of CNN. here is brief of that: http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/12/02/pakistan.zardari.lkl/index.html

First of I find Larry very boring and stupid the way he conducts these interviews. May be he is getting older or I am getting sick of him.

Second of all, if after Mumbai terror attacks, he wanted to interview someone, how about someone from India, who actually suffered. Why would interview a perpetrator of crime before you interview a victim? Get my point? Do not watch Larry.

Third, Mr Zardari appears to be in denial and playing the familiar games Pakistanis have already played. Show me this evidence and show me that evidence. Is pakistan the UN Court that we need to show evidence. I dont understand why these imbecile indians even send a list of 20 terrorists to be handed over to India by Pakistan? Why do we always beg?

Screw it. Tough it out and say okay you did what you wanted to do, now we are going to act. Who cares Pakistan is responsible for this attack or not? The onus of showing that they are not involved should be on Pakistan and not on India who should go about gathering evidence.

India should ask Paki PM where the hell was he when for more than 60 hrs there was carnage in Mumbai. Can’t he see the evidence? He probably already knows it and has been briefed by Paki army or ISI. Chance is that he knew before it happened while he  drank some vodka with Dawood. What bull man.

India is busy grieving for sould we lost and clearing up Taj. We are busy rebuilding Taj and oberoi as we have to take care of our economy. We should be busy internalising this situation, planning our response and getting our act together. Forget Pakistan.

But dont bet that India will do this. And blame my county’s leadership or lack of there for that.

Mr. Zardari, we don’t want to be your friends. We have fallen prey to this drama for so long and have suffered through it. You are a friend who talks about something and in the background does something to harm us. You are a country of cowards and jealous people who can not digest progress of India. You probably repent and curse Jinnah as to why he forced British crown to seperate India and Pakistan. You have failed to govern your country but instead of acknowledging that you would rather throw mudd at India.

We promise we will teach you a lesson that you will not forget. And Larry. Do us a favour. When that happens make sure you remember 26/11 and interview Indians first. I know you won’t because you will forget 26/11 and then do an interview with a Paki sympathiser.

Rediff article by M.J. Akbar supports my point December 2, 2008

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On his latest article posted on Rediff.com, Renowned journalist and editor M.J. Akbar makes a lot of sensical points already written on this blog.


My views are more hawkish and “action now” oriented. He is right on so many fronts about our politicians, pakistaan, US, UK and Indian muslims. Being an Indian muslim, he makes very good points abot decoupling Pakistan issue with Indian Muslims.

Pakistan has been taking Indian politicians for a ride for long. I do not know what it is but these Indian politicans have been soft on a country which is smaller than India, has a much smaller Army than India, has no money. Yet for every attack in India, Indians have been begging for some support from Pakistan. Pakistan is like a younger brother in a family which teases his older sibling by some naughtyness and then when the older sibling complains about him in front of parents, the younger one first says I did not do anything or show me evidence. This attitude sickens me. I am not saying India and Pakistan are like brother or of the same family. No way.

Why should India put up with Pakistani games or show evidence. The terrorist in captivity is from Pakistan and he himself have told us. That is the evidence.

This is not the time to talk to pakistan, show evidence and get in this game. Now is the time to take action. We realise that current Indian government is too timid and gutless to do any of this. And it will be removed soon.

We just have to make sure that anyone who comes to power has natioans safety as top priority and have guts to take severe action against Pakistan. Entire nation will be behind such a leadership.

We want to show such a lesson to Pakistan that it will cease to breathe. Even US will congratulate India on a job well done.

For that we would need real men without any politics in key positions in government, IB, RAW, Navy, Army etc. No polictics just one aim- Revenge. Make India safer to live.

For this we need people like Azad, Bhagat Singh and Rajguru. Where are they when we need them?

Why mobilizing army won’t help December 1, 2008

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Both Pakistan and India plan to move thousands of troops on their borders after Mumbai attaciks.

Not sure how this can be a logical response to the aftermath of ghastly and brazen attacks on Mumbai.  I feel there is no need to spend thousands of crores of rupees per month on army buildup on the border. This war is not a conventional war by Pakistan or the Jihadi forces. This is like using a hammer to operate on a brain tumour. This is going to need precision and edge of scalpel.

Insteand of spending this money on army buildup, India should approach it as Israel does in Gaza or US special forces conduct ops in Afghanistan. Indian commando action in POK to take on Lashkar camps would be more logical and effective strategy.  Army can supplement or assist such commando action.

India need to be smart and strategic in thinking, action and approach. Instead of being emotional and wasting a lot of breath at various forums, India needs to calm down like a surgeon before a key operation. Do some premilimary checks, plan accordingly and then strike in succession on various front to do a shock and awe. They can certainly take some assistance from Israel to do this. I think after Nariman house attacks, Israel will take more proactive approach assist India.

India should capitalise on this opportunity. I dont bet this will happen. The weak leadership with mellow people like Chidambaram, Manmohan singh and Sonia will not be able to pull this off. We might need hawkish Advani here to lead the security first government in India.