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World should pressure Pak to hand over Dawood November 29, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.

Common sense is such an uncommon commodity, especially in Indian politics. With potential of terror in Mumbai being traced to Pakistan, pakis have expressed committment to assist in investigation. They had said they will do whatever necessary to help India.

It does not take much to help India. Pakistan should first deliver Dawood Ibrahim residing in Karachi. US, UK, Israel, India and rest of the world should force Pakistan to take this step to demonstrate their seriousness to assist the world in rooting out the terrorism. Pakistan is only paying lip service and is expecting to fool the world. US might have it’s own compulsion but India has to take care of its own foreign policy.

India even though a bigger country in all means than Pakistan behaves as it is the last child. Every now and then when there is a terrorist attack it goes to UN to complain against Pakistan. Bombay blasts, embassy attack in Afghanistan, Kandahar hijacking are all testimony to the soft approach by India.

It is time for India to take action and be fierce with Pakistan. If India was ruled by Iron Lady Indira Gandhi, POK would have been in ashes by now. Sonia is not Indira so young leaders need to emerge in India to take charge.

We should all demand that Pakistan deliver Dawood or till them no talks, no cricket, nothing nada.



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