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US must end its hypocrisy November 29, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.

The offer of support has poured from US to india in the wake of Mumbai terror attacks. Bush called Manmohan Singh, sent FBI team and offered actual investigation help. That all sounds good.

Then as the evidence mounted that the militants had support from Lashkar e Tayaba base dout of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir with the assistance of ISI, US started fearing that India might take action in POK.

The latest opinion article in NYT (http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/mumbaiterrorstrike/Election_Story.aspx?ID=NEWEN20080074561&type=News) though acknowledges that the attack was masterminded by Lashkar, fears that India might take action. US authorities might actually pursuade India noto take action in POK and tackle it diplomatically as they had done in past. In the past India had always complied with this request but it has not solved anything. Mumbai attacks are evidence of that.

This time India should not fall prey to this armtwisting. Indian people are saying with one voice enough is enough and the leadership better take that seriously.

US hypocrisy on this should not be very surprising to anyone. US thinks they have right to attack Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 attacks but any other country (offcourse other than Isreal) should go begging to UN.

India is big enough country and should be able to defend itself from these militants. It should learn from Israel and attack POK to finish off Lashkar camps. This is the need of the  hour.

US should be told in firm language that India will do everything necessary to prevent next attacks. It is better to have one big war with Pakistan for once instead of bleeding like this every now and then. India can also retaliate with tactical strikes within POK instead of going conventional.

If US and UK are serious about fighting terrorism then they need to back their lip service by real actions. They should support India against pakistan to tackle this global terror. This time it was Mumbai but next time it could be Paris, London, New York.

This time 10 foreigners and 190 indians were killed. The manner in which these attacks were executed should create real terror in ordinary Mumbai lifestyle. We would have to think first before visiting Gateway of India, checking in Taj hotel or having  a drink at Leopold’s cafe.

It is a right of Indians to live safely even if they are poor. The indian leadership better make this a top priority otherwise get ready for a rebellion within the ranks.



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