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Enough is enough November 28, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.

The latest attack in Mumbai is so brazen and audacious that it ought to open eyes of Indian authorities. This is an attack which will impact Indian image, business, investment, growth and sentiment. India has been very reactive and soft so far in tackling terrorism both within India and outside India. It was seen as sign of weakness by outsiders. Indians themselves are comfortable with inaction, indecisiveness and ignoring such acts.

Apart from loss of innocent lives, huge discomfort for the hostages and the damage this will bring to India’s progress, this shows utter failure of intelligence agencies. Indians are so busy fighthing internally that they have no bandwidth to take care of such threats. This has been history of this country with mughals and mongols and british conquering this country.

The current government owns the responsibility of this inaction and should be thrown out. Indian people has a chance in near future to replace these ununchs with more effective government with focus on tackling terrorism and protecting our nation. If we can not protect our own people and visitors, we can not aspire to be a good destination for business.

We all have to say enough is enough and this will not be tolerated. This does not mean that the poulance raises arms against muslims. This means that everyone plays a role, become vigilant, love your country and not be a traitor.

There are a lot of brave people in forces as demonstrated by martyrs from ATS and NSG, but these politicos are the huge problem. We as a junta ought to make them accountable.

Otherwise we do not deserve such a flaky democracy and we might be better off with a system such as in China. It is just not enough to be proud of our democracy which is failing at crucial parameters. May be we are not kind of people who function very well within a democracy but need a more controlled regime to drive progress. Iraq was progressive under Saddam, China seems to be progressing under the communists and Russia is doing better under a tough regime.

The onus is on people of India and they have to rise. It is they who need better and secure life with a strong economy then they can not be mere spectators to this.

Indians look upto America as a model for prosperity but they also ought to realise that America started prospering after years of struggle in Civil War.

This is a war waged by outsiders with faceless and ruthless terror. It has not be tackled as war. This required sense of urgency and wartime planning.

So, say, enough is enough and demand action. Do not give in to excuses by politicos.



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