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Amatuerish response by Indians? November 28, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.

All western agencies including US, Israel and Scotland Yard are saying that the response by Indian’s lacked planning. The Indian response seemed amateurish to them and it just took very long, more than 48 hrs to clear these hotels.

Israelis are mad because of 5 jews ended up dead at Nariman house. Israelis had offered help to secure hostages but Indians denied it.

That is fine for any self-respecting country but the contiuing situation at Taj after 48 hrs does not do any justice to India’s image. Just like Commandoes blew up a portion of Nariman house, they ought to do same to Taj. Forget about saving the Taj, save the image of India. Get it under control.

It does not look good that a few terrorists however well trained are resisting this long to Indian Army, NSG combined attack.



1. praveensg - November 30, 2008

1800 rooms in all. More than 400 guests at risk. There were too few choices. The terrorists had made several dry runs and were well-versed with the layout of the hotel. These were fidayeens by the way and were instructed to just kill, kill and kill. If Israel is complaining, then they need to understand that there was never a hostage situation to begin with. There were no demands made by the terrorists and the poor victims would have been killed anyways. NSG and the Marcos are some of the best commandos in the world.

2. mindscout - November 30, 2008

Yes that is quite true that it would take some time to clear the hotels. But the amateurishness also stems from the evidence of onlookers near the scene, the body language of policemen walking with guns casually, lack of central command and control, lack of even proper ladders ready to bring down the hostages alive. With army, police and NSG giving conflicting reports, with top ATS officials braving in casually to handle guys with automatic weapons and then dying in the process. The fact that it took 10 hours for NSG to get there. No body took it seriously it seems.

3. mindscout - November 30, 2008

Apparently Fareed Zakaria agrees with my comment. 🙂

He writes:
“By all accounts, the initial response of the local authorities was slow, haphazard and incompetent. These terror attacks have highlighted one of the key weaknesses of modern India. Its private sector is dynamic, efficient, responsive. Its public sector is not. Government in India is dysfunctional. With the exception of a few elements of the national government—the armed forces and antiterror commandos, for instance—the Indian state is simply not up to the challenge that it now faces. India has a decentralized political system that is plagued by weak coalition governments, patronage and corruption, with little emphasis on professionalism and competence. If this is India’s 9/11, then it should be a spur to the country to finally get its house in order and reform itself to succeed in an age that requires smart government.”

4. mindscout - November 30, 2008

“This incompetence and lethargyseeps all the way down to the level of beat constable”
a good article on Newsweek

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