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Mumbai Terror Attacks- Reality is here November 27, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.

So, it seems everyone including Indian authorities, US, UK are surprised at the Mumbai attacks. Really? Why surprised?

India has been victim of terrorist attacks before, including in Mumbai. India had been trying to tell the world that terrorism is real threat to India. But the world (read US, UK) has always turned a blind eye to its problems.

Pakistan is the real mine fields and source for all the terrorists in the world. And yet it keeps getting more than 10 billion in year from US and 5 billion in year from IMF. It is as if the world is financing this terrorist country which spends all this money in creating this virus.

India itself is very porous and un-manageable. It has one of the highest population of Muslims in the world (second ton only Indonesia). So it does not have to only worry about terrorism coming from outside the borders but even from inside. The population and the inherent chaos itself is a fertile ground for anyone who is motivated to create trouble.

Then there  is weak leadership in the government. They are so busy running the politics and fighting with each other for votes that they do not have time to consider real problems.

Intelligence is skatchy at best and is never taken seriously by state governments.

So, stop pretending that everyone is so surprised. You seem moronic. Islamic terrorism is real, pakistan is a real trouble maker and India is a real victim.



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