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Local support to Terrorists November 27, 2008

Posted by mindscout in India, Terror in Mumbai.

The well planned and coordinated attack in Mumbai really smells of a a good support they must have received by locals in Mumbai. Authorities and analysts are saying that such a well-rehearsed operation is impossible without a good intel and help from locals.

There in lies the problem in India. There are so many disappointed and frustrated poort people in India that it is easy to influence them to carry out any operation. There are many muslim areas in Mumbai with small alleys which house potential sympethisers of opressed muslims.

These locals who are supporting the radicals are traitors and should be held responsible for innocent lives. These same people will pay lip service to authorities of condeming the fundamentalist islam but will support them when needed.

This is potentially dangerous situation as fundamentalist hindusim is also in rise as demonstrated by Malegon blasts. If hindus start thinking that government is not doing enough then they will start taking charge which potentially can inflame situation further.

India has a real problem at hand and I dont think the current politicians are upto this challenge.



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