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Disappointment over Mumbai Terror November 27, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Terror in Mumbai.
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It has been really disappointing to see the footage of response by Indians to these attacks. They are taking a lot longer to flush out these terrorists. It has been more than 24 hours with Army, NSG, RAF, police, ATS involved and still you dont see “rapid” repsonse.

Communictaion is completely broken down. Top police officers been killed. That can not be coincidence. Politicans are again wagging their tongues. PM has given a completely unemotional address to country which does not build any confidence. Maharashtra CM says they are doing their best. Bunch of idiots.

Four member of parliament were rescued first from Taj. Those should have been amongst the hostages and then may be we could have seen a rapid response.

More appaling is the police has failed to seal off the area and remove any onlookers from the scene. I am appalled that on CNN you can see onlookers on the camera just loitering around in a dangerous zone. This can cause potential chaos and does not help the police. But who will tell these morons.

All the world leaders have done is condemn the attacks. That is so much of political bullshit. Pakistan PM condemning the attacks , like anyone believes him.

Indians need to really get serious about Pakistani threat as Pakistan is taking the war within Indian territory by using faceless terrorism. This is a very low cost war by pakistan. India by nature a soft country will again go to UN, complain about Pakistan in vain and then wait for next attack. What did it do after the Parliament attack in New Delhi? Nothing.

It is time to attack Pakistan and teach them a lesson. No excuses.

Hindus need to create their own jihad or Yuddhh and protect themselves. The government and leaders such as Advani are not goingto help them. Remember what BJP government and Jasvant Singh had done with the hijacked plane in Kandahar? You get the point.



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