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Is Iraq war the master stroke by Bush admin? October 24, 2008

Posted by mindscout in USA.
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Everybody is hating the Iraq war and is killiing Bush administration about it’s decision to go to Iraq. We have heard numerous rationale for their going to war- there was WMD, then Al Qaeda, Saddam and yes Oil.

America invaded Iraq for oil but hey where is the oil? Why I am still paying over 3 bucks for a gallon of gas? Why can’t I pay 99 cents for gas now that we control Iraqi oil? Americans are mad that they have to pay top dollar for oil and yet americans are dying in Iraq. The populus does’t seem to understand when White House says Bush presidency will be treated well by History. History? The Present is not even treating Bush presidency with any respect, why worry about past laurels in the future?

There in lies the master stroke by Cheny and company. For that you need to think longer and deeper fella.

Here it goes. If you look at the world oil depletion report, then you can start comprehending the situation better.

The Iraq rationale is answerd by one question: How long until the world oil runs out?

BP’s respected “Statistical Review of World Energy” which the oil giant has been publishing annually for 57 years based on data gathered from governments ources, industry journals and indepedent estimates. BP published a chart by country-by-country breakdown. And here is how things look:

USA – by 2018

Russia – 2038

Canada – 2038

Nigeria – 2050

Qatar – 2070

Kazakhstan – 2080

Saudi Arabia – 2088

Iran – 2098

UAE – 2105

Venezuela – 2105

Iraq- 2208 and more

Kuwait – 2208

Comprehendo? America relies too much on Saudi oil for now but someone in the white house (I bet its Cheney) has figured that America has to find a new partner whom it can milk for oil even after Saudi wells go dry. And look at the table, which country will supply oil after 2088? Iraq. Coincidence? Yes I say so, if you believe in Sant Clause.

So, americans should be thanking Bush-Cheney for this just like they have beeb thanking Kissinger and company for Saudi deals. After all we need to secure oil supplies, don’t we?

I see the fog is getting cleared now. I wonder why in the hell white house is not being clear about this with American public. They would be grateful and thank Bush for  this.

Well, you see, a Superpower can’t really admit to such a thing in this world. You can’t tell the rest of the world that we are invading Iraq because we want to control the oil. There in lies the quagmire of Bush presidency.


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