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Hillary: Lies are not mistakes! March 26, 2008

Posted by mindscout in Decision 2008.

I cant believe it. How arrogant and ignorant you have to be to make tall claims and then when caught , just claim that “I made mistake. It just proves I am Human”.


Hillary Clinton, first , made talls claims from solving the Ireland Peace Puzzle to Facing sniper bullets in Bosnia to making all her records public. When that bluff was called by cold hard facts, even by her friends and campaign staff, she still defended it on various radiop shows. When the critisim hit the crescendo, she get defensive and laughs it out by saying it just proves she is human.

Even her biographer noticed her “extended truths” in her biography. (http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2008/03/26/hillary-clinton-truth-or-consequences/#more-470)

Does she think americans are that stupid that we cant see difference between a lie and a mistake? Why are there double standards then when it comes to some “stretches” made by others? Why does she raise all hell when Obama just “borrowed” some words from his pal?

Doesnt Hillary know that being former first lady, most of her records could be verified so she does not really have luxury of making any tall claims that she cant justify and which can be called up by others? Why does she have to make these tall and FALSE claims to forward her candidacy?

Do americans really want a President who has been elected on a bunch of lies? She is so insecure of her record then why is she portrayiing her national security credentials when she has none. Where is Bill Clinton when she needs one? Well, what can we expect from a former President who LIED to all americans on TV when he said coldly, “I did not have sexual relationship with that woman (Lewinsky)”. And in a few days he was caught.

No! We have had enough of Clinton lies and we cant afford another President in White House who stretches truth to forward his agenda. If this is the character shown by Hillary now, then why would she be elected? Obama atleast has integrity and courage to be honest. He might not have a lot of epxerience but he has courage of convictions. That is the first and minimum characteristics we need in our leader.

Clinton should be ashamed of making such lies and then standing tall on podiums making speeches which further highlight her lies. Americans supporting Clinton need to really take this seriously and think about the repercussions it can have if she gets elected.

And comeon with that “I am human” excuse. No it does not work. Especially when stakes are high. You dont go kill someone and say Oh I made a mistake. It just proves I am human so let me go. No. You are still going to jail if not on death row mister. Same applies to Clinton.

I suggest if Clinton has any decency left in her, then she just fold her cards and walk away. Let Obama and Mccain fight it out and she can watch from her TV. I dont think she should even campaign for Obama, should Obama gets the nomination.

BTW, John (Edwards), you should throw your support behind Obama before it is too late and he doesnt really need it. 



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